03 April 2013

ZOO (Brussels)

Like me more like me
chor. Thomas Hauert  (2011)
ZOO (Brussels)
Brussels/Toronto Project with TDT

Two men come at each other in diverse and highly original ways with specific body  language, varieties of movement, occasional sounds, clothing changes, surprising drag, and partial undress. They appear to be lovers more in conflict and intense dialogue than anything else. The piece is avant-garde and always interesting but not, for me at least, homoerotic. I felt sympathy for each man's individuality but could not really relate well by the exhausted end. 

The choreographer, who also performs, is a Swiss who created his own company, ZOO.  He has had lots of experience on the lively Belgian dance scene, including with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s Rosas.

3 April 2013
Toronto, Winchester St. Theatre


Henry said...

Nice meeting you professor emeritus. I read your post after you passed on your blog. All the best.