01 April 2013




chor. Jules Perrot  (1844), Marius Petipa  (1896)
recension  Yuri Burklava and Vasily Medvedyev  (2009)
Bolshoi Ballet
Балетная Труппа Большого Театра
with Maria Aleksandrova (Esmeralda), Ruslan Skvortsev (Phoebus), and Vyacheslav Lopatin (Acteon)

original simulcast from Moscow 9 October 2011
rebroadcast 31 March 2013

Not a major work, Esmeralda has lots of pretty dancing and some virtuoso moments. There is a vague connection to Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris, and even a hunchback in the cast. But essentially it is a trivial story where true love wins at the end. 

The Bolshoi cancelled the new version of The Rite of Spring, chor. Wayne McGregor, pending return of hospitalized director Sergei Filin. In Moscow they presented another new version by Tatyana Baganova, with guest dancers from Provincial Dance Theatre, but chose not to broadcast it.