26 January 2013

Embattled but still mayor

With Divisional Court ruling that Toronto City Council Decision 52.1 of 25 August 2010 was a nullity, the city’s XL imperfect mayor Rob Ford is off the hook on a technicality for now. Supreme Court of Canada, if it accepts to hear an appeal, may decide differently. At issue is conflict of interest that could remove the mayor from office. Meanwhile the Gardiner Expressway is crumbling and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is looking to build a lucrative casino somewhere in town — some decisions need to be made that are not nullities. As The Economist observed (1 December 2012), “A city and its government are stuck in gridlock.”

Superior Court of Justice
Divisional Court
Magder v. Ford, 2013 ONSC 263

Among the more competent and sensible members of Toronto City Council is Councillor Josh Matlow (Ward 22 St Paul's) who comments on the civic circus:
I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on the priorities of Toronto residents, including fighting gridlock, improving and expanding public transit, poverty and housing, our natural environment, building a beautifully designed and age-friendly city, and ensuring that we manage our city's finances in a thoughtful and responsible way.

26 January 2013