04 August 2012

Anticipated election in Quebec

At the moment Quebec is the most indebted Canadian province, with the highest unemployment rate, and most unpopular government in the country. Premier Charest has called an early election, uncharacteristically in the summer, perhaps to throw opponents somewhat off guard, and to tap into a silent majority upset by the recklessness and occasional street violence of students and Black Bloc opportunists.

In an earlier blog I noted:
A provincial election has been called in Quebec for 4 September 2012. “In the last few months we’ve heard a lot from a number of student leaders," said Premier Jean Charest. "We’ve heard from people in the street. We’ve heard from those who have been hitting away at pots and pans. Now is the time for the silent majority.”
 [in Quebec City, 1 August 2012, after the electoral writ was signed by the Lieutenant-Governor]

Parti Québécois immediately announced, if elected, it would cancel increases in student tuition and scrap the exceptional law of 18 May 2012. Léo Bureau-Blouin is running as candidate in Laval des Rapides; he is past president of Fédération étudiante collégiale du Québec (FECQ). They would like students to stay off the streets for now and concentrate on gathering votes for their party. But Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, still spokesman for CLASSE, the largest student group, made clear that public militancy was going to continue.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois suddenly resigned his function with CLASSE, and is not planning any political activity. There have been many comments about his charisma and intelligence. Could he be returning to studies? [8 August 2012]

He actually quietly began to work as a researcher for large trade union Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) which strongly supported the student action. [17 September 2012]

le beau Gabriel

I have searched but cannot find the text of the decree dissolving the National Assembly and ordering the general election in Quebec, only the following announcement from the Director General of Elections:  
En vertu d'un décret du gouvernement du Québec, le directeur général des élections, doit tenir des élections générales au Québec, le 4 septembre prochain.

[at web site of the provincial legislature:]
Le 1er août 2012, le lieutenant-gouverneur a proclamé la dissolution de l’Assemblée nationale. Par conséquent, les élections générales auront lieu le mardi 4 septembre 2012.  La dissolution de l’Assemblée a mis fin à la 39législature.
Au moment de la dissolution, la composition de l'Assemblée était la suivante :
  • Parti libéral du Québec (chef : Jean Charest) : 64 députés
  • Parti québécois (chef : Pauline Marois) : 47 députés
  • Députés indépendants :
    • Coalition avenir Québec : 9 députés
    • Option nationale : 1 député
    • Québec solidaire : 1 député
    • Autres : 2 députés
  • Circonscription vacante : 1 (Bourassa-Sauvé)

Pauline Marois (PQ) is strangely sounding off about the Queen and the monarchy! Is this in any way relevant to the provincial election? Too bad we can't hit her for treason and lèse majésté.