11 September 2007

On the run with Jason

The Bourne Ultimatum (USA, 2007)
dir. Paul Greenglass
rating: ✶✶✶

The third thriller about Jason Bourne, trained by the CIA as an “asset” (i.e. spy, covert agent, and assassin, who then cut himself loose from the company) is replete with action that kept stuntmen busier, no doubt, than star Matt Damon. He is good to excellent in the part of uncanny survivor on a dangerous quest. Chases and fights are high-powered, frequent, and incredible. Rogue CIA men are the bad guys rather than foreigners this time. But basic premisses of the plot are less intricate than in the antecedent films, so for me less interesting.

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Anonymous said...

jcc wrote:
I too saw it, could not make much of it, but it was shoot-'em-up enough for anyone — thing I liked best was seeing a clip on the internet of the cameraman who got the shot of Damon or the stuntman going off the roof down into building across street, himself jumping with shoulder camera right after the Damon-stuntman!

Anonymous said...

jl wrote:
This movie is a very lame excuse for a third movie. The story line is stupid and really does not fit with the first two movies. Just an excuse for action — so thumbs way down for me too.